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More comfort with pre-heaters from Eberspächer

A pre-heater from Eberspächer tangibly enhances comfort in cold weather. Environmentally compatible heating comfort and simple retrofitting provide year-round mobility for vehicles, motor homes, boats and yachts.

Eberspächer pre-heaters create a comfortable climate in passenger spaces without the need for heat generated by the running engine. With the modern and fuel efficient Hydronic water heater, the water circuit is heated as well as the interior. Cars in particular benefit from daily low-emission warm starting. The warmed engine coolant allows the vehicle engine to start much more easily even at low temperatures. This protects the battery, which is subject to significant load in winter. In motor homes, motor boats and sailing yachts, the tap water can be heated instead of the engine cooling water.

Airtronic air heaters from Eberspächer are particularly suited to heating vehicle interiors and maintaining constant temperatures while parked or overnight. They heat the cabin or interior without being connected to the water circuit. As a result, the warm air reaches the interior of the vehicle with hardly any delay, quietly and with very low emissions. This means more comfort for trucks and transporters and a pleasant environment in motor homes or aboard boats even on chilly days. With more than 4,000 installation partners in Eberspächer's global sales network, retrofitting is easy.