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Comfortable warmth with Eberspächer pre-heaters

Not only can Eberspächer pre-heaters be used in practically every vehicle class, their innovative technology is highly impressive, for example the use of biodiesel (B100) or bio-ethanol (E85). The air-based Airtronic pre-heaters warm the air in the passenger compartment directly. With the Hydronic water heaters, the cooling water, or alternatively for boats and motor homes, the tap water is heated as well. As Eberspächer is a supplier for OEMs, the pre-heaters are already available from the factory from many vehicle manufacturers. With a global sales network of approx. 4,000 installation partners, an Eberspächer pre-heater can also be retrofitted quickly and easily.

As modern vehicles generate only very little engine heat, they are often originally equipped with additional heaters from Eberspächer. These can be used as the perfect basis for a cost-effective pre-heater retrofit. Even in innovative drive concepts such as in hybrid or electric vehicles, the low-emission and low-consumption pre-heaters from Eberspächer reliably heat the interior, extending the range of the vehicle without burdening the battery.