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Heating comfort for modern vehicle concepts

Modern, fuel-efficient vehicle engines provide too little waste heat to ensure a sufficient and comfortable temperature in the passenger compartment. With additional electrical air and water heaters (PTC heaters), Eberspächer catem offers an effective solution to this challenge. The PTC heater elements can be adapted without difficulty to customized applications and can also be used decentrally in the vehicle, for example for targeted neck-level heating. This know-how is already operational in more than 25 million vehicles around the globe.

With high-voltage applications up to 500 V, Eberspächer catem is already developing mass-production-ready PTC heaters. They can be installed in very little space in future vehicle generations with hybrid, electric and fuel cell drives. These PTC heater elements cover an output range of up to 7 kW and can be adapted to the typical voltage ranges, providing highly efficient heating even in new vehicle concepts.