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PTC heater elements for electric and hybrid vehicles

In the future, the share of electrically driven or electrified vehicles will increase considerably around the globe. The success of hybrid technologies will promote this process. Electric vehicles, and fuel-cell powered vehicles in the longer term, will also contribute as they become more prevalent.

When running, these vehicles do not generate sufficient waste heat to heat the interior to the usual comfort and safety standards. The innovative and reliable PTC technology from Eberspächer catem is the solution: additional electrical heaters for voltage ranges up to 500 V and heat output ratings of up to 7 kW can be realized even if the available installation space is limited.

Eberspächer catem builds on its diverse experience gained on numerous development and series production projects. Heaters with integrated power electronics and bus communication designed specifically on the basis of electric operation have already been developed to series production readiness in order to heat these vehicles.

Eberspächer catem PTC heater elements are the ideal solution, particularly for hybrid and battery-operated vehicles. They are easily adaptable to different voltage ranges and cover a broad performance spectrum.

Eberspächer catem PTC air heater elements and PTC water heater elements are already available for these special applications.