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More than a century of air-conditioning expertise – Eberspächer Sütrak

Wilhelm Weckerle establishes Sümak, shortened from "Süddeutsche Maschinen- und Metallwarenfabrik" (English: South German machine and metal work company), which manufactures commercial refrigerators and compressors in Stuttgart, Germany.

In the 30s
Production of transport air-conditioning systems begins.

The prospering company now employs more than 1,000 people in one of the largest refrigeration manufacturers.

The first bus air-conditioning system is developed.

Using a "Sümak" refrigeration system, the world's first cooled bobsled and toboggan run is built in Königssee-Berchtesgaden, in southern Bavaria.

The mobile refrigeration and air-conditioning systems division is branched off. Sütrak is founded as a new company. Mass production of bus air-conditioning systems begins.

In the 80s
The company's global expansion continues with strong growth in the bus air-conditioning sector. The new headquarters in Renningen, near Stuttgart, is opened.

The Carrier Corporation, the world's largest supplier of air-conditioning and refrigeration equipment acquires the "Sütrak" business.

The Eberspächer group acquires Sütrak's bus AC business in Europe, the Middle East and Africa from the Carrier Corporation. Eberspächer Sütrak's Renningen location becomes a center of expertise for "bus air-conditioning and heating systems."