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Pre-heaters for commercial vehicles

With the Airtronic air heaters and the Hydronic water heaters, Eberspächer offers a comprehensive portfolio of robust and long-life pre-heaters for every commercial vehicle application.

Stringent emission limits and commercial issues require engine-independent cab heating. In addition to the pure comfort function, engine pre-heating plays an important role in cold countries. Only in this way can the operational readiness of the commercial vehicle be guaranteed even at the most extreme temperatures. For these two different requirements, Eberspächer with its Airtronic air heaters and the Hydronic water heaters offers two different solutions. With outputs of 4 kW up to 35 kW, both pre-heater variants cover all applications with their broad product portfolio. The heaters are optimized as system solutions specially for use in commercial vehicles and are impressive with their long service life and robustness. In addition they fulfill without restriction all the requirements relating to exhaust and noise emissions. The engine-independent fuel heaters from Eberspächer are as suited to special solutions for military and railway applications as they are for construction machinery and tractors.

Along with the central cab heating, decentral heating of workplaces positioned at a distance from the vehicle`s own heating system can be realized. Thus for example crane driver cabs, freight compartments and team transport rooms can be heated efficiently.