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Air-conditioning technology from one source for both heating and cooling

Effective vehicle air-conditioning includes both heating and cooling components. Here, Eberspächer offers effective solutions for both engine-independent and mobile applications.

In addition to pure heating of commercially used vehicles, air-conditioning is becoming increasingly important in the commercial vehicle sector. As a result of provisions such as anti-idling laws and commercial issues, engine-independent systems are gaining ground as air-conditioning solutions. Eberspächer, as a full-service supplier, relies on established products and manufacturers on the market to cover these thermal management requirements perfectly for special vehicle air-conditioning solutions. With high-performance components based on evaporator and compressor technology, effective air-conditioning solutions can be realized both for when the vehicle is stopped and in motion. When an order is received, internal application development ensures that optimal integration into the relevant vehicle type will succeed, regardless of whether it is a minibus, a transporter or a special vehicle.

Eberspächer's portfolio of air-conditioning solutions is rounded off by innovative mobile products. For example, pre-heating of the fuel line ensures reliable usability of the commercial vehicle under extreme climatic conditions. Versatile and transportable cooling containers make it possible to transport perishable goods, while mobile fuel heaters are used by rescue crews to prevent seriously injured people from losing vital body heat.

Special solutions for efficient climate control in buses are available from Eberspächer Sütrak.

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