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Enjoy mobility year round with a pre-heater from Eberspächer

Being on the road in your motor home is the ultimate freedom. Driving wherever you want. Staying wherever you want. Hitting the road whenever you want. It`s obvious that you don`t like the weather and season "dictating" your itinerary. With an Eberspächer diesel fueled heater, you can satisfy your wanderlust 12 months of the year. Finland at the end of October? No problem! The Alps in December? Why not!

An Eberspächer is guaranteed to keep your "four walls on wheels" at a comfortable temperature. After exciting excursions during the day, the evenings are full of pure relaxation and quiet cosy nights for all the family. Go ahead and take this step toward total independence on the road: Eberspächer diesel fueled heaters are available as complementary systems for your existing heating system and as powerful "stand-alone" solutions.