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Comfy and cosy - on the high seas, in any weather

"There is nothing more contrary than the ocean" – so goes an "old salt" proverb. It`s no wonder, then, that conditions on board also change quite a bit: one minute the sun is shining brightly, the next a raw, whipping wind brings driving rain and bitter cold. And you`re in the middle of it. For the passionate skipper, all this has its own charm, of course. But after a tough day on deck, you`ve really earned your rest!

Marine heaters by Eberspächer make sure you and your crew remain cosy and comfortable below decks. You decide exactly how warm you want it – and your Eberspächer diesel fueled heater will quickly and very quietly provide you with reliable heat for a wonderful sense of well-being. And chances are good that if the temperature on board is "up", you`ll be "up-and-at-`em", too. Anyone with an Eberspächer diesel fueled heater on board can feel confident venturing into rough regions, and will suddenly discover that even the cool seasons are perfect for exciting cruises.