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Innovation from tradition

Throughout its more than 145 year history, Eberspächer has always excelled as a trendsetter for pioneering technological solutions. Today too, our innovations provide important impetus for the new drive and vehicle concepts in the automobile industry.

It is part of our philosophy that we do not rest on our laurels. In the future therefore, we will continue to place ever more demanding requirements on heating technology. Ecology, economy, acoustics, efficiency, alternative
fuels, long service life, modularity, thermal management and new drive technologies: all these factors are decisive for ensuring
our success and that of our customers.

The list of our innovation topics - for today and tomorrow - is therefore more than comprehensive. It extends from reworking our current Airtronic generation through thermal management in the pre-heater operation up to the extension of our range to include development services and the introduction of new metering pumps.

However, the further development of the current Hydronic 2nd generation is becoming a central theme, in whose creation important future topics were already taken into consideration, e.g. the 100% multi-fuel capability of the Hydronic 2 Commercial with maximum efficiency and considerably longer service-life.