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Driving the mobility of tomorrow

Are you looking for an expert partner to provide not only heating systems for a diverse range of vehicles but also the ideal climate in all types of challenging conditions? Then Eberspächer is just the partner you need. Its mix of customer understanding, corporate responsibility and highly motivated employees makes Eberspächer a very special partner with extensive air-conditioning expertise. As part of the globally active Eberspächer group, we are always there when you need us to deliver precisely the range of services that you want. Try us.

Development produces innovations for today and tomorrow
Increasingly tougher requirements will be placed on heating technology in the years ahead. Ecology, economy, acoustics, efficiency, alternative fuels, long service life, modularity, thermal management and new drive technologies are all decisive factors in ensuring our success and that of our customers. Therefore, we are constantly working on optimizing our development methods and designing new, innovative and highly effective solutions.

Purchasing becomes strategically important
Through the increasing concentration on our key areas of expertise and an increasing complexity in purchased services, purchasing is becoming strategically important. One central aspect of this is supplier management, which allows us to determine the factors affecting the quality and costs of our end products as early as the contract award decision. The spectrum extends further across material group management with its systematic consideration of the total cost of ownership through to purchasing process integration.

Logistics as a key area of expertise with great customer benefits
Logistics as an internal key area of expertise produces great customer benefits for our business partners. From the very start of the inquiry phase, logistics staff accompany the product origination process and ensure that logistical customer requirements are taken into consideration throughout the process until the product is ready to enter series production. The logistics processes from the supplier to the customer are considered in their entirety and are mutually coordinated.

Quality at the highest level
As a quality and technology leader, we pursue a zero-defect strategy in our products, services and processes and stand by our motto that "quality creates value." Our commitment to quality in combination with the quality standard specified by the customers ensures a consistently high standard across the entire value added chain.

Manufacturing in the process-oriented factory
We can now meet the high demands placed on quality, reliability and adherence to deadlines in manufacturing with the latest concepts, technologies and machines, as well as with our highly qualified employees. All manufacturing processes are subject to a constant cycle of planning, activity, monitoring and improvement with the single objective of satisfying customers.