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The zero defect strategy

It is far better to prevent mistakes than to correct them after the fact. This is the consistent approach that we pursue in our quality policy.

It is our objective to reduce the defect rate at Eberspächer to zero. We have this in mind when planning and controlling all operational workflows and procedures impacted by quality. At the same time we know that neither man nor machine is capable of eliminating errors completely. Therefore we are tolerant when errors do happen.

We see nothing reprehensible in a one-off deviation from the desired result. Instead we welcome the error as an impulse for improvement. Continuously. Because continuous improvement is the basic principle of our Quality Management System.

We learn from every error that occurs and so prevent reoccurrence on an ongoing basis. The lessons learned are systematically made available within the company in order to recognise the same potential sources of errors as early as possible. With this process we achieve measurable results. Our production consistently operates close to the zero defect level.

Our efforts are widely recognised: our customers regularly award our zero defect parts and outstanding product quality.