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Eberspächer’s product portfolio provides the automotive industry with solutions for the challenges of today and the future

Exhaust Technology
Cleaner, lighter, quieter – our exhaust systems for passenger cars and commercial vehicles already reduce significantly more than 95 per cent of all pollutants. They are also pioneering in terms of lightweight construction, sound insulation and sound design. Our competence as a specialist for exhaust systems is renowned among passenger car and commercial vehicle manufacturers as well as in the non-road sector across the globe. Our customers in the aftermarket also benefit from our expertise: we provide workshops and commercial partners with retrofitting and replacement systems in original equipment quality.

Vehicle Heaters
Ever since we equipped the VW Beetle, Eberspächer pre-heaters have become synonymous with driving comfort. Today they can be found in countless passenger cars, commercial and special-purpose vehicles, motor homes and boats. Our fuel powered pre-heaters are fitted by many manufacturers as standard or as an optional extra in their production facilities. However, our heating systems can also be easily retrofitted.

Electrical Vehicle Heaters
When the engine does not provide enough residual heat, electric additional heaters from Eberspächer catem provide support. These PTC heaters quickly and economically heat consumption-optimised diesel and petrol-powered cars. Cutting-edge, high-voltage control units for hybrid, electric and fuel cell vehicles are already in series production at Eberspächer catem. PTC heaters can also provide localised heating: a good example of this is the neck-level heater for Cabriolets, which is located in the headrest.

Bus AC Systems
Eberspächer Sütrak is the specialist for high performance heating and climate control systems in buses. We provide bus manufacturers with a complete thermal management system from one manufacturer for city buses and coaches – from the Sprinter to the double-decker bus.


Automotive Controls
Automotive Controls specializes with powerful, reliable electronic products providing customer specific solutions for sustainable mobility and - as a competent innovation partner of the automotive industry- contribute to increased fuel efficiency and reduced emissions: Besides control units for air conditioning and compact control units the portfolio comprises power control modules for a clean engine- and exhaust system management and, of course, products for power network stabilization and energy recovery.