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Groundbreaking technological components from Eberspächer

Modern exhaust systems remove over 95 percent of pollutants. Eberspächer has made significant contributions to this development.
Our innovative ActiveSound/ActiveSilence technology produces highly effective noise cancellation and is also superior in weight to the conventional muffler. Furthermore, with ActiveSound the same system can even enhance the tailpipe noise quality.
By using thin wall structures, alternative materials, innovative manufacturing processes and novel concepts, we achieve a 50% reduction in weight compared to conventional exhaust systems.
Downsizing engine concepts not only reduce consumption but also exhaust temperatures. Idle-stop phases, such as in ‘coasting mode’, also let drop temperatures below the activation threshold of the catalytic converter. In such cases, electronic modules from Eberspächer guarantee the operation of the electrical catalytic converter heater and, in this way, efficiently assist in improving emission values.
Functionally safe energy storage modules from Eberspächer buffer recuperated mechanical and thermal energy and release it by-demand to the heavy-duty electric consumers in electrified and hybridized vehicles. This creates system advantages, especially in the 48-Volt partial network.
Like hybrid and electric engines, modern, consumption-optimized engines offer too little residual heat to warm the vehicle to a comfortable temperature. Our highly efficient heating systems are custom-tailored to the requirements of new drive concepts – as are the corresponding bus air-conditioning systems.