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Our strengths. Our vision.

Eberspächer has always put its faith in the power of innovative thinking and impressed the industry with its great ability to change. Every day we consider the challenges facing us as opportunities to develop our business as part of our strategy for sustainable growth.

We take decisions from a position of strength. Our commercial independence as a family business allows us to set our main focus and to determine our strategic objectives. In doing so we are guided by our ultimate goal of long-term stability.

Since 1865, our name has been synonymous with entrepreneurial spirit and business creativity. In future, we will continue to grow organically. We aim to build our market position consistently in all product groups and to expand the existing portfolio with products that make sense.

We are well established in all key markets of the international automotive industry and are constantly extending our global presence. Our focus lies on regions with large economic growth and a promising outlook, such as the BRIC states: Brazil, Russia, India and China.

Technological leadership
We want to use the brilliant ideas which our developers have and turn them into pioneering components to further progress in the automotive industry. This is why we continuously invest in research and development. More than 700 engineers and specialists are dedicated to extending our top position in all product group technologies.

The mobility of tomorrow has many faces. We firmly believe in the harmony and diversity of many dovetailed solutions that will come about in the medium term. Eberspächer is prepared for imminent technological change in all product groups. We are ready to take on the imperative evolution of the combustion engine, which will remain a fixture on the roads for some time to come. We are also ready to take on alternative forms of vehicle propulsion.

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